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Signature facials from the best team
Signature facials

Facial treatments are customized by both facialist and dermatologist to specially address different skin conditions and concerns like acne, dark spots, and dull skin. 

Botox to make you look young again
BotoxR Cosmetic is the innovator botulinum neurotoxin brand, and the only brand trusted by our doctors to safely and effectively reduce facial wrinkles, contour the face, restore youthfulness, and control excessive sweating.
Fillers that make you beautiful
Hyaluronic acid fillers like JuvédermR unlock your beauty by combating signs of aging (deep facial lines, sagging skin, etc.) restoring volume, refining and defining your skin. It helps you achieve a fresher, more attractive, more youthful, and more feminine or masculine look.
Simildiet Mesotherapy in our clinic
Simildiet mesotherapy

Simildiet mesotherapy is intradermal microinjection of specially formulated homeopathic medicine. A cocktail of serums is injected into problem areas to help lose body fat, cellulites, or localized fat such as under the chin (“double chin”); relieve pain over muscles and joints; facial rejuvenation and treatment of wrinkles, and whitening.

Anti-aging treatments for best look of your life
Anti-aging treatments

Comprehensive evaluation and treatment of age-related issues like wrinkles, sagging skin, and volume loss that make you look tired, sad, saggy, and angry.  The optimum anti-aging results from a combination of treatments with BotoxR, fillers, Simildiet mesotherapy, CelluformTM, and radiofrequency (Intragen).

Acne treatment in our clinic
Acne treatments

Acne or pimple solutions guaranteed to clear your skin. Carefully selected options include signature facials for acne-prone and oily skin, acne surgery, intralesional steroid injection for markedly inflamed lesions, chemical peel, light therapy to target bacteria that causes acne, and acne scar treatments. Combination of treatments offers best results.

Whitening treatments in our clinic
Whitening treatments

Achieve radiant, lighter, and glowing skin with our clinically proven safe and effective treatments like our signature snake peel, Skin Perfection White Expertise facial, light peels, Simildiet mesotherapy, and topical regimens for dark spots, melasma, and hyperpigmentation issues after injury (e.g. sunburn, trauma, etc.).

IPL hair removal in our clinic by professionals
IPL hair removal

Achieve hair free days with our intense pulsed light (IPL) permanent hair reduction that is guaranteed effective, safe, and minimally painful.

Consultations with our doctors

Skin, hair, and nail concerns like acne, skin allergy, skin infection, other inflammatory skin conditions (e.g. dandruff, psoriasis, urticaria, lupus, etc.), skin tumors, hair loss, nail changes, etc. are best evaluated and managed by our  Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS)-certified doctors.

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Our story

The Facial Studio MD Skin Clinic is the brainchild of two friends who both share the passion for dermatology and aesthetic medicine. In December 2018, their dream to set up a clinic that will be best known for BotoxR and filler injections came into fruition. In order to achieve this vision, the owners decided to name the clinic as such to draw in patients who seek consistent, satisfying, and most importantly, trust-worthy treatments for their basic skin care and aesthetic needs.

Our philosophy is to approach skin health and beauty with expert and professional care that aims to gratify our patients. This simply means that services and treatments offered are patient-centered, customized, clinically-proven effective and safe, comprehensive, and results exceed your expectations.

Our clinic staff is a team of professionals – board-certified dermatologists by the Philippine Dermatological Society, registered nurse, and highly-skilled skin therapists.  Our doctors have extensive knowledge and experience in the management of skin, hair, and nail diseases, as well as in the field of aesthetic and procedural dermatology (botox, fillers, chemical peels, lasers, energy-based devices, etc.). Our nurse and skin therapists have acquired years of experience and proficiency in the practice of providing skin treatments. You are guaranteed that only qualified and experienced members of our team handle your skin needs!


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Unimart Capitol Commons, Basement Level Unit 8, Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City, NCR, 1600.

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